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Movement 2, Julian Joseph's concerto rehearsal 'Kayryouacou', Harriet Mackenzie violin, 12 Ensemble

Movement 2, Julian Joseph's concerto rehearsal 'Kayryouacou', Harriet Mackenzie violin, 12 Ensemble

Rehearsal in the beautiful and historic church of St Thomas, Salisbury of the premiere of Julian Joseph's concerto ''Kayryouacou' performed by violinist Harriet Mackenzie. This movement is titled 'Green and Oleander'. The concerto was written for Harriet Mackenzie and commissioned by Salisbury International Festival. "Kayryouacou My violin concerto is titled with the Carib name for the Island Carriacou in the Grenadines - Kayryouacou. It’s conceived to draw on Harriet’s ability to take melody into transcendent sparkles of sound; transforming elegant virtuosity into poignant swaths of poetry and majesty. Jazz depth and complex connection fire my imagination as I envisage a realm I’m excited to explore with Harriet’s sound, musical brilliance and insight. Set in an orchestral concerto environment a mixture of delicious colours from the jazz neighbourhood will combine with a myriad of influences from the classical tradition, folk and contemporary vocabularies as the construction of the piece unfolds over 3 movements: Lullaby of the Sea Green and Oleander and The People and the Drum. Textures in tempo and orchestration aim to tease and guide the listener through the garden of sound now a customary part of the jazz and classical combination ultimately to coax the imagination into the island’s seascape, luscious green and floral landscapes, its inhabitants and big drum tradition. From the moment Harriet and I met our mutual admiration and respect for the musical worlds we inhabit meant a project together felt essential and in some way inevitable." - Julian Joseph
Julian Joseph - Interview 1993
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