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"Music is a miracle in this world of sound and jazz — one of its great marvels. It is mystical, colourful, uplifting, energising, soothing, meditative, gentle, powerful and a force which exists in its own universe. Yet jazz is all around us, absorbed into many other genres and cultures across the globe, expressing all manner of things from conservatism to raciness, from coolness to wildness, from intellect to intuition, from everyday life to that of a secret agent’s. These and many more connections enrich the world of sound through jazz. Its myriad associations in cinema, advertising, education, sport and the many industries that music accompanies mean jazz is always in the atmosphere."

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In Music of Initiative Julian Joseph shares his insight into the philosophy and practice of jazz and jazz performance. With incisive text, stunning imagery, and downloadable exercises and videos, this unique guide teaches the listener of jazz how to immerse themselves in the music, and the performer how to approach learning repertoire and improvisation. Bold, provocative, thoughtful and deeply inspiring, Music of Initiative will provide life-long stimulation and inspiration to fans, and performers, of jazz.

'When there are so many jazz “methods” available in book form and online, it was a relief and a pleasure to engage with the reflections of a wise artist who is able to convey many of the core concepts and values of jazz in an inviting, unfussy and affectionate way.' 

Simon Purcell, London Jazz News

Omnibus Press, 2018.

Available online at Foyle'sAmazon and Waterstones.

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